Vendor Partnerships

Redefining Opportunities.

Are you interested in becoming an approved vendor or supplier for a Cove Property Management community?

Click here to forward us your information to be reviewed and preapproved for our vendor list. If there is a business opportunity, we will reach out.

Approved Vendors.

We are excited to announce our important transition to a new Vendor Management Program called “VendorCafe” (with VendorShield Compliance). There are numerous advantages to this program for our vendors:

Benefits for Our Vendors:

  • Transparency: Real-time information visibility of status on approvals, & compliance.
  • An efficient and streamlined communication medium.
  • By joining the platform, vendors will be part of a database in which other companies will be able to find their business based on their location and the type of work they do. This gives you exposure to other potential clients which can generate your company new streams of revenue by opening your business to working relationships that they may have never encountered before.

To enjoy these benefits and maintain an “Approved Vendor” status within our program, vendors will be required to participate in our Vendor Management Program. To participate, each vendor would be required to take the following steps:

1.  Register for an online VendorCafe account.
2.  Within VendorCafe, VendorShield will perform the compliance verification (vendor credentialing and insurance monitoring).  There is an annual fee required to keep the compliance and registration current.
3.  Upon completion of vendor’s registration, VendorShield will reach out to your insurance agent to obtain the necessary documents for review and validation. To avoid delays, vendors should verify that they provided your agent’s accurate contact information.

 Assistance Information: