April 28th, 2023

Promotion Announcements

It is with extreme pleasure to announce two recent promotions within the Cove Property Management family.

While we maintain the growth and development of #TEAMCOVE, I am thrilled to share that effective on May 7, 2023, Heather Lundy, Property Manager of Somerset at Towson, is being promoted to Regional Property Manager!  Heather will formally oversee Somerset at Towson, Vivant Woodholme, Townes at Village Center, The Mount Royal and Queen Anne Belvedere.  Property Managers of these communities will report directly to Heather, and she will be responsible for the overall operations of these assets.  As most of you know, Heather is a Cove lifer as she has been with the Margerum’s for more than two decades.  She began her career as a Leasing Consultant with Doug’s former company, Equity Management in 1999, and quickly advanced to Property Manager within a year and a half.  She obtained her ARM® in 2003 and is currently a CPM® Candidate.  Heather is a member of MMHA and IREM® and serves as a volunteer on several committees.  She has received Property Manager of the Year on a few occasions and has also been awarded numerous property and team awards. Along with those accomplishments, she has also trained and greatly assisted in the promotion of 4 of our current Property Managers.

In addition to Heather’s promotion, it is also with extreme pleasure to share that Tameka Bryant, Assistant Property Manager at Somerset at Towson, is being promoted to Property Manager effective on May 7, 2023.  While Tameka has over 12 years of management experience, she only began in property management 5 years ago and in March of 2018, she joined #TEAMCOVE as a Leasing Consultant.  She transferred to Somerset at Towson as Leasing Consultant later that year and after obtaining her CAM credential in September 2022, she was promoted to Assistant Property Manager where she is currently exceeding expectations in that role.  Tameka has been nominated twice for Leasing Consultant of the Year with MMHA and under Heather’s coaching and mentoring, she is now Heather’s 5th team member who has been promoted to Property Manager.

Please join me in congratulating Heather in her new role as Regional Property Manager, and to Tameka in her new role as Property Manager!  Cove looks forward to the continuation of effective career pathing of our valued team members and I look forward to these ladies’ successes as well as more to come.


Courtney Higgins ,  ARM®, CPM®
Director of Operations


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